Lemon Shrimp Tacos



Lemon shrimpI shall be but a shrimp of an author.” – Thomas Gray (English Poet)

We are trying to eat less…this is NOT my idea of a good time. I like to eat, I love it in fact. WHY give up something I LOVE?! Well the truth of the matter is that I am not “giving up” anything save maybe a few inches around my waist. This suggestion was passed to me from my personal trainer (whom I am paying in CUPCAKES so I feel that his opinion is moot) who has reminded me that even if I exercise everyday (haha) and continue to snack several times a day AND eat buttery delicious meals the exercise won’t do anybody a lick of good. SO my husband and I have really been focusing on getting back to eating what we love but not gorging on it. Still, not much fun but a much better idea. So once I snapped out of my “biggest baby on Earth” act I got into the kitchen and was reminded of how easy it is to eat well and in better quantities.

Thus I bring you my Lemon Shrimp Tacos. Ta Da! I skipped the wine and butter routine and sauteed 1 pound of these pink lovelies in 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice, half of a yellow onion, salt, pepper and cumin. Crunchy and zesty these poppable bites make the perfect star for my simple taco dinner!


It is important to give your tortillas a crisping. Some like them raw and it’s up to yo…no, no please cook them. Trust me on this one. I used white corn tortillas.


When gathering your toppings remember what your base is. If you are working with shrimp or fish for your tacos you’ll want to skip the cheese and go for something fresh. I chose avocado because I would bathe in avocado if it were sanitary. We also added some taco sauce (store bought today since I wasn’t satisfied with the markets selection of produce) and a little lite sour cream. Next time I will skip the sour cream as it was just too heavy.

Lemon Shrimp Taocs
Lemon Shrimp Taocs

I wish that I had an assembled pic to share with you but we ate them so quickly I was afraid I would have swallowed my lens cap. We each had two tacos and the total calorie count was about 350 per person and we were stuffed! I love that I am still learning and growing in the kitchen…now if only I could magically lower the calorie count of wine…


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