Tiramisu getting it's finishing touches
Tiramisu getting it’s finishing touches

“Nella botte piccola ce il vino buono”  . – Italian proverb”

“In the small barrel there is good wine” couldn’t be more fitting for my little cups of Tiramisu. I always make tiramisu in the same martini glasses for a few reasons.

A#1: Cutting and serving tiramisu from a pan gets messy and then it looks sloppy.

B#2: I love looking at all of the layers, it effortlessly adds to the presentation even when I don’t try to stack everything neatly.

C#3: I love the irony of having a dessert with a name that translates to “pick me up” in a glass made for a relaxing beverage. Why? Who knows, I’m an odd duck.

My beautiful friend (who has reached full term in her pregnancy) and her awesome husband came for dinner on Saturday so I knew given her current state we would NEED dessert, but what?! Last week sometime she made a comment about just wanting a glass of wine, a plight I’m sure many pregnant women can identify with, so I knew what I wanted to make for dinner. Coq Au Vin! I used Julia’s Recipe (sort of, sorry girl, I just can’t bring myself to cook bacon in butter, but I love ya!) and had some thin asparagus on the side. I knew that in order to stand up to such comfort food I would need something with moxie.

Tiramisu waiting for it's trip to the fridge
Tiramisu waiting for it’s trip to the fridge

A plain cake or even a spiced cake just wouldn’t do, so I landed on Tiramisu and I when I text her with the decision I could feel the happiness come through the phone and guide my hand to the mascarpone.

38 week Tiramisu

1 pkg Lady Fingers ( I prefer savoiardi because they are sturdier, but I take what I can get)
18oz of Mascarpone cheese
6 pasteurized egg yolks
4 tablespoons of sugar
4 shots of espresso
Chocolate shavings (optional)

I mixed the egg yolks and sugar in my stand mixer until they were pale yellow and creamy. Then I added the Mascarpone to the fun and mixed until smooth.

I added a dollop of the mascarpone to the bottom of the glass and carefully dipped the lady fingers in the cooled espresso and layered them on top of the cheese mixture. They will fall apart if you over soak them so you’ll want to move fast. Then you layer a little mascarpone a few lady fingers and repeat. Once you reach the top you can garnish with some shaved chocolate, cocoa powder or just leave it deliciously naked. I will sprinkle chocolate on just about anything so there you have it.

Tiramisu with Moxie
Tiramisu with Moxie

I love this dessert because it’s quick and easy and is loved by all! Give it a try, even if you aren’t pregnant.

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