Midnight in the Garden of…

Our patch of Earth
Our patch of Earth

“Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Okay, so it’s not midnight…but the garden is good and evil. Especially mine. Don’t get me wrong since we gutted and replanted everything my mini patch of earth makes me so happy. I find myself lingering on the steps that lead into it just to be near the green and the breeze. I walk in the grass barefoot in the evenings as I water my herbs and I even sing to my tomatoes. However, in the early morning and afternoon the Paper Wasps that live in their hornety home in my gutters come out in full force to ruin my life. I am TERRIFIED of things that sting you with no predilection for those who deserve it. Creatures that can fly and sting multiple times if they feel threatened and who can organize their kin for a pack-attack, like a caffeinated teenage girl in a high school lunchroom, makes me shake in my sunhat. True story. I run and scream and cry like a small child and it is embarrassing. No matter how many times we remove the nests they always come back to roam (en masse) in my grass and on my plants. Yes, I know that they are just trying to help out but since we don’t speak the same language my “Hello Mate, I’m just going to pull this weed here, be gone soon” may be translated in wasp to “Hey! I’ve come to murder your family and eat your face!”. See how much more menacing that comes across in Wasp? My husband on the other hand just parades around the backyard like there are not 50 tiny army wasps waiting to make him a pincushion; which I both envy and loathe at the same time. So for now I will blame my weeds on the Paper Wasps and continue taking photos of my lovey garden after the sun mostly sets because those MFer’s go to bed way before me.

I discovered when I went out last night with my camera in hand that I had a secret garden hidden away. Normally I sit in my loud teal patio chair and stare into the sky or zone in and out while watering and I’ve been missing the things my garden has been trying to tell me. It’s amazing what you can hear when you are actually listening.

I think garden friends help your plants grow.
Basil, my secret garden lover
My Tiki people keep my plants safe from the Paper Wasps
Elvis is terrible at pulling weeds
Wednesday doing her best meerkat impression

We planted VERY late this year, WAY later than ever before and I don’t know that we made the right choice but life took over and now I’m left with tomatoes just coming about in August. I live in California so I’m not too worried but I don’t know how this will end. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Early Girls or in this case…late girls?

So this next picture is where I discovered my secret garden! My Indigo plant hasn’t been doing so well and I didn’t think it would produce. After I got this  shot I realized that this plant is a mama! Can you spy the itty bitty babies?!

Indigo Rose
Baby Indigo Rose maters
I cannot wait for these to turn and red
I have a love/hate relationship with Cherry tomatoes. I LOVE to eat them until I hate them. This usually happens after about a pound of them.
Wednesday and Elvis sharing a rare sweet moment
SO many Cherry tomatoes
Part of my yard with the mural that the hubsters painted in honor of my late godfather and my homemade firepit.
Can you tell I’m proud of my green thumb?
“Well lady, it ain’t gonna throw itself.” he seems to say
Vlad does not want me posting this picture of my half dead lavender. I love all my herbs equally no matter how dead.
My Rosemary is slow going but I know it will take over the place soon enough

DSC_5149 DSC_5120

Vlad letting me do all the work 🙂


DSC_5231 DSC_5180


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